Congratulations with you new Stema Custom Hanger!

Before using the hanger, I want to present some practical advices.

The hanger is cast in polyester reinforced by glassfiber and with gelcoat surface, and the inside covered by topcoat. Before cleaning and masking one ought to go over the parts with a heater blower. Warm up the surface gently (approx.50 degrees C.) If air is trapped under the gelcoat this will appear as bladders. These are milled off and stoped up.If this is not done and the hanger resprayed in a dark colour, bladders may appear under the paint. This arrise when the hanger is exposed to strong sunlight heating up the surface. Ordinary car paint can be used. Before starting painting, the hanger is to be treated with adhesive primer. The best result from the painting is obviously attained when all components are dismantled and painted separately.

Dismantling is accomplished by first removing the stainless steel gas springs under the cover. The gas springs are attached to the cover with a ball attachment. The ball attachment is secured with a ball catch. This catch must be dismantled before the ball attachment can turn loose. The hinges can now be disassembled. Finally the lock is dismantled.Note the different length and placement.Also mark the hinges Left and Right.

When the cover is to be assembled this is carried out in the reversed manner. The holes for the screws for hinges ought to have some 2-Component epoxy glue. This is done in order to fasten the screws more thight, and prevent water penetration. Do not fasten the screws too hard, since this may destroy the threads inside.

Dismantling is done by starting with disassembling the screws at the snap attachment. Thereafter the screws for the wings are turned loose. The skirting is removed and marked: Right side - front/ back. Left side - front/ back. During assembly the screws are at first loosely fastened to the wings. Now the skirting is mounted and the screws fastened. NOTE ! Look for a "square" under the head of the screws and make sure that this comes into right position on the inner mudguard.Finally the snap attchments are mounted. White square reflex is mounted near the lower edge in front of the wings.

Rails are dismantled by firstly removing the plastic plugs on the underside of the lid. Then unfasten M6-screws. Use longpipe (10 mm) or cup with extension. Assembly is carried out in the reversed sequence.

The protecting inside rear screen is dismantled. ( 3 screws) The electric power to the numberplates are dismatled. M6 - cap-nuts ( 4 pcs.) are loosened and the screws drawn. NOTE! Rubbersealing between the body and the bumber bracket. Rubberpenetration and cable is dismantled. Assemply is carried out in the reversed sequence. NOTE! All holes for the screws need some 2 - component epoxy - glue before final assemply. Rear reflex: The triangular reflex is dismantled by by dismantling screws ( 2 pcs) on each side of the bottom plate

Rear lights:
Rear protectionwall inside the trailer is dismantled (3 screws). Lenses on the lamps are removed. Cables are dismatled from the lamps. NOTE ! Please take note of the colours of the cables and their locations. Screws M5 (2 pcs) on each lamp are loosened. NOTE! Eart lead (=White). NOTE ! The Led lamp has a ground and a positive side. The lamps must therefore be mounted in the correct position.The cable penetrating the body is not dismantled (is masked). Mounting takes place in the reversed sequence. Confer separate drawing. Chrome plates under the rear lights. The plates are dismatled be loosening 2 pcs. M3 screws on each side. NOTE! The holes for the screws ought to be applied some 2-component Epoxy-glue or other packing when the plates are mounted.

Lower body screws:
Decorating screws for fastening the body to the bottomplate must be removed before painting. However, these must be re-mounted when the trailer is finally painted

The washer under the cover can be loosened by pulling it off the groove for water.

I sincerely hope this will be of use during painting and eventual assemply of various spareparts. Upon purchase of various additional parts a mounting instruction is enclosed.

Concerning general maintenance I want to mention the following: Ordinary washing with shampoo for cars are recommended. During washing the frontal protective cover should be dismatled and washed separately so that sand and other impurities are not stuck between the body and the cover. The frontal drag contraption are made of stainless steel and does not need lubrication. The bumber consist of mirror finished aluminium, and can not be polished with car polish or other types of polish. If the bumper turns dull or ugly it must be dismantled and re-polished with wax and polishing wheel.

The wheel bearings should be replaced for each 15 000 kms. The wheels are dismantled and the wheel boss dismantled. The wheel bearings are dismounted and replaced by new ones. These are all standard wheel bearings and hence reasonably priced. Nameed 6205 2RS - 6304 2 RS. This is an inexpensive insurance against wheel bearing accidents during your holidays. If an accident should happen and damage incurred to your hanger, all spareparts can be got hold of. For instance . - new wing - new drag - new bumper etc..

If you have any other queries concering your new Stema Custom hanger, please do not hesitate taking contact with me. I will do my utmost to help you.

Good luck !

Best regards
Steinar Daleng


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