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The Stema Custom MC-trailer is especially designed for custom bikes, with it's outside wings, high polished aluminium back bumpers and 14 inch Alu-wheel rims.This is the MC-trailer where design and quality is heavily emphasized. 14" wheels and a long axle base gives the trailer excellent driving performance.

  • 18 mm solid waterproof plywood bottom
  • 5"x14"Alu-rims
  • 165/60 R14" tyres
  • Total length 213 cms
  • Width 100 cms
  • Inside measurements:
  • Width 83/65 cms
  • Length 140 cms
  • Height 50 cms
  • Volume: 470 litres
  • Bolts, shaft, hinges etc. in stainless steel
  • Body: Reinforced glass fiber
  • Specific weight 86 kilos
  • Total weight 196 kilos
  • Inside lightning
  • 12V electric outlet
  • Voltmeter
  • Attachments for straps
  • Pneumatic shock-absorbers keeps cover open for packing in and out
  • Chrome wheel lug bolts
  • High polished aluminium bumper
  • Rotatable drag with in and out spring function
  • Large cover makes in and out outpacking easy

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On the cover there can be mounted rails and a luggage rack. The rear has 4 LED lamps containing turn signal, brake- and rear lighting.Caps for the lamps can be ordered. The numberplate contains singnage LED light. The design of the numberplate is adjusted to needs of the country, or to the customers needs and wishes. The reflexcontraption are adapted to local legislation.


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The cover is produced in a solid sandwich construction, which eliminates twisting or unwanted tensions. Furthermore the cover has two stainless steel gas springs keeping the cover open so as to simplify loading and unloading of luggage. We have also installed an inboard comfort lightening, voltmeter gauge and a 12 volt power supply.

The inside of the trailer is grounded before covered wit topcoat so that washing and cleaning is easily done. Cables for light and 12 volt power supply is moulded in the chassis. Cables for back lights lies protected behind a cover.

The choice of interiour colours are adjusted to the timeless design of the hanger.

bilde deler 500

We can at any time offer ordinary hanger spareparts from our stock, drag, wings, cover... Additionally; straps,slings,wheel nuts, wheel rims, hinges and rails.

bilde side 500

bilde drag 500

The drag has supporting legs for comfortable and levelled loading of luggage. In the axial direction the drag attachment is cushioned for better comfort.For better driving comfort the drag has a spring absorber in and out. The drag can also be twisted 360° so that your bike not will be exposed when the bike is turned over in a road curve. If the bike should fall over when parked, no harm done to drag or ball catch.

The "Stema Custom" trailer has a very good stability in all movable directions.


bilde underside 500

The underside of the hanger is "clean and smooth".The chassis number is stamped into the stainless steel sheet on the left side of the drag. The electric cable is  merged into a 16 mm aluminium tube that protects against mechanical wear and tear. The fastening of the drag attachment against the hanger is reinforced backwards into the chassis, and out towards the wheelbraccet, hubs and wheels.In this way there will be no displacements or soft points in the longitudinal or axial point of fastening.


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